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Oyasama 130th Anniversary Song Scores & Music

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The Tenrikyo Europe Center has released the piano scores and lyrics to for the new Oyasama 130th Anniversary song. As we come to a close to the end of the first year of the 3-years, one thousand days, there is still much more time to go before the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama. Hopefully, this song could keep our spirits up along the way.

Recently, there hasn’t been a lot of activity for TR and I apologize. I hope I can try to continue with TR. We just ran into a major database issue that rendered the website unusable. Luckily, I was able to recover it to its current state. I haven’t heard much news except the Shinbashira’s visit to Brazil this year for the YMA 60th Anniversary event (this year) and Hawaii for the Bishop Installation Service (last year).

Rev. Teruo Takemoto Funeral Service


Rev. Teruo Takemoto, former head minister of Stockton Church and head of the Missionary House at America Dendocho, passed away for rebirth.

Transfer of Spirit Service was held at Fukui Mortuary on July 3 (Wed) from 1:30 pm

Funeral Service will be at Dendocho on July 5 (Fri) from 7:30 pm

I would like to thank him for his many decades of dedication to the path, and his friendly, “Hello! How are you?” that he used to greet everyone with whenever we visited Dendocho.

Changing Tenri: Closing of Refresh Seikatsukan FK and Demolition of Tenri Kanko Hotel

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Refresh Seikatsukan FK, a “recycle store” that has been a well-patronized stop for shoppers in the Tenri Hondori Shopping Arcade for at least a dozen years, has closed its doors for good. Here is a translation of a sign that was posted late last month:

To our customers,


Circumstances have led us to close our store for good. All our executives and employees would humbly like to thank you for your patronage over the last 15 years.

All items half price!

Please make a purchase!

We will close as soon as we run out of merchandise.

Thank you once again.

Another business, the Tenri Kanko Hotel, which closed late last year, is presently being torn down. Here’s how the demolition is progressing the other day:


We’ll post an update as soon as we find out what are slated to replace these two Tenri mainstays.

Two Tenri U. Judoka Battle In 81-Kg Division All-Japan Invitational Final

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Two Tenri U. Judoka Battle In 81-Kg Division All-Japan Invitational Final

More Tenri judo news from Fukuoka, where Tenri University athletes competed in a tournament that helped select the Japanese team to compete in the Judo World Championship in Rio scheduled to begin in August this year.

Video by Doyusha:

(Translation of video narration)

Two Tenri U. Judoka Battle In 81-Kg Division All-Japan Invitational FinalOn May 12 and 13, the 2013 “All-Japan Judo Invitational Tournament” was held at Fukuoka Convention Center. Four athletes from Tenri University competed.

In the 81 kg weight division, Goki Maruyama, junior at Tenri U., faced top-seeded Keita Nagashima in the opening round.

Maruyama launched a physical assault against his opponent and secured himself an ippon victory by combining an uchimata (inner thigh throw) with an osoto-gaeshi (large outer reaping throw counter).

In the semi-final, Maruyama went up against Yasuhiro Ebi, who took third place last year. He advanced into the final round with a stunning uchimata 4:38 into the match.

Tenri U. senior Tomofumi Yasuda also competed in the 81 kg class. He obtained ippons in both the opening and semi-final rounds to advance to the final.

The 81 kg weight division final was a battle between two Tenri U. judoka. Both athletes being well-acquainted with one another, became locked in an intense offensive and defensive exchange. Maruyama’s aggressive approach gave him the advantage as he scored two shidos against Yasuda, landing himself his first ever championship in his weight division.

In other competition, Tenri U. senior Shohei Ono placed third in 73 kg weight division competition, becoming the only Tenri judoka to be selected for the national team in his weight division.

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Tenrikyo Colombia Center featured on a Colombian TV show

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Tenrikyo - Tiempo Real de Verdad 02

A Colombian university youth TV program, Tiempo Real de Verdad,  recently featured Luis Enrique Duque at the Tenrikyo Colombia Center (in Cali) in a Youtube video. I have heard that Luis Enrique was a Tenrikyo Language Institute graduate and in this show, he explains that he is teaching Japanese at the Colombia Center. Click on the link for the video and a translation!

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Tenri U’s Takamasa Anai Wins 2nd All-Japan Judo Championship

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Takamasa Anai winning the All-Japan Judo Championship (photo from Doyusha)

Some Tenri Judo related news:

Photo by Doyusha

Photo by Doyusha

It was Anai’s ninth appearance and first in two years. He scored an ippon in the second round and an awase-waza osae-komi (hold-down) in the third round.

In the semifinal, Anai faced last year’s semifinalist Ryuta Ishii. Anai advanced to the final with a tai-otoshi 14 seconds into the match.

In the final, Anai faced judo’s upcoming 20-year old sensation Hisayoshi Harasawa. Anai put up a tense offensive and defensive exchange with Harasawa, who was making his first appearance in the All-Japan Judo Championship. Anai won his first championship in four years after his opponent accumulated two shido.

Video by Doyusha:

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Women’s Association 95th Convention 2013

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Here is a translation of the narration:

Women’s Association Convention

Tenrikyo Women's Association crestOn April 19, the 95th Tenrikyo Women’s Association Convention was held in the Inner Courtyard of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters with the Shinbashira Zenji Nakayama presiding. Roughly 42,000 association members across Japan and overseas came to Oyasato, the Parental Home to attend the event.

Women’s Association President Harue Nakayama spoke on how association members were expected to make strides toward the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama (January 26, 2016).

The Shinbashira then took the lectern to speak on the founding of the Women’s Association and expressed his expectations for members to enhance the substance of association activities.

Link to Japanese article

Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day 2013

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Hinokishin Day 2013

Here is the translation of the narration:

On April 29, Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day was held throughout Japan and across the globe under the slogan “Season of Salvation. Now let’s do hinokishin!”

The day was blessed with fine weather as Church Headquarters staff, students of Tenrikyo schools and Shuyoka participated. Roughly 4,000 participants in Oyasato split into 52 areas throughout Tenri city to engage in hinokishin activities such as weeding and cleaning.

Hinokishin is an activity in which we express our gratitude and joy for being kept alive each day. Participants devoted themselves to hinokishin with smiles on their faces.

Link to Japanese article

Oyasama Birth Celebration Service 2013 video

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Joyous Chorus (Image source: http://www.tenrikyo.or.jp/jpn/?p=6874)

Apologies for the delay in this translation. Hopefully, we will be able to put up more Doyusha video narration translations on a regular basis soon.

Oyasama Birth Celebration video
On April 18, the Oyasama Birth Celebration Service honoring the birthday of Tenrikyo Founder Miki Nakayama was held in the Main Sanctuary of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters with Shinbashira Zenji Nakayama presiding as chief officiant. Roughly 670,000 followers from Japan and overseas attended the Service.

The Service celebrated Oyasama’s 215th birthday. After the reading of the saibun or service prayer, the Kagura Service and Teodori were performed. Followers poured their hearts into singing the Mikagura-uta.
The Service was then followed by the Joyous Chorus in the Inner Courtyard. Songs celebrating Oyasama’s birthday were sung and performed, filling the Sanctuary precincts with a festive atmosphere.

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Daisuke Nakata Adopted as Nakayama Family Heir

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Photo from the Tenri Jiho Issue 4326, April 14, 2013.

On April 4, there was a ceremony in the Foundress’ Sanctuary marking Zenji and Harue Nakayama’s adoption of their nephew Daisuke Nakata as their heir.

At 9:45 a.m., the Shinbashira Zenji Nakayama, other Nakayama family members, and Nakata family members their offered prayers at the Main Sanctuary. They then went to the Foundress’ Sanctuary, where they were joined by Church Headquarters staff and ministers of directly supervised churches.

Those assembled then offered their prayers to Oyasama and this was followed by a ceremonial exchange of cups of sake between Zenji, Harue, former Shinbashira Zenye Nakayama, and Daisuke Nakata to complete his adoption into the Nakayama family.

They then returned to the Main Sanctuary to perform the seated service and paid respects at the Foundress’ Sanctuary and Memorial Hall.

What does this mean?

There has been rumors floating around, but it’s pretty clear now that Daisuke will inherit the role of the Shinbashira. We will now be seeing his face more often because his position as heir is official and will become a major representative of Tenrikyo from now on.

Daisuke Nakayama (Nakata), a face you will see often from now on.

Daisuke Nakayama (Nakata). Say “hi” to him when you see him!

Daisuke Nakayama (Nakata), personal history

  • January 23, 1991: Born as the second child and first son of Zensuke and Michiko Nakata
  • January 11, 2009: Received the sacrament of the Sazuke
  • February 2009: Graduated from the day course of Tenri High School
  • March 2013: Graduated from the Department of Policy Studies of Kansai University

Source: Tenri jiho, No. 4326 (April 14, 2013), p.1.


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