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Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps of Hokkaido Diocese dispatched to disaster area of the 2018 Eastern Iburi, Hokkaido Earthquake

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“2018 Eastern Iburi, Hokkaido Earthquake” occurred on early September 6, and severe shaking was observed with a magnitude 7 in Atsuma, and a magnitude 6 in two towns of Abira and Mukawa.

Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps of Hokkaido Diocese received a request from the local government, and from September 11th to 16th, were dispatched to the heavily damaged towns of Atsuma and Mukawa.

A total of 217 members (including 38 women) cooperated in the start-up and operation of disaster volunteer centers in the two towns, and together with the general volunteers, they worked hard at the initial relief activities by the affected homes and other areas.


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