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“Tiger Mask” Strikes Tenrikyo Orphanage

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Japan Jan 31, 2011

Tenrikyo tends to be largely ignored by the Japanese media, so it was noteworthy to see a Tenrikyo-related facility being mentioned in an article on Asahi.com. It appears that the \”Tiger Mask donation phenomenon\” has even found its way to Tenri Yotokuin Children\’s Home.

3 Reasons why you MUST attend the Convention

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Events Jan 25, 2011

With the months of the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 approaching I am anxious to see you near my hometown in Hawaii and speak with all of you! However, if you are still unsure about whether you should attend the Convention, I would like to share with you reasons, that I believe, why you absolutely MUST attend the Convention.

New Year’s Greetings from the Shinbashira

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Tenrikyo Links Jan 17, 2011

Annual photo and words from the Shinbashira to the Tenrikyo Followers.