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Taiwan Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps Dispatched to Tohoku Region

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Japan, Tenrikyo Links Jun 10, 2011

A news video (in Japanese only) has been posted on the Tenrikyo Japanese website. Here is a translation of the narration: Between May 30* and June 3, the Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) in Taiwan, which is the only formally organized corps overseas, was dispatched to areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. This […]

Over 3,000 Participate in Disaster Hinokishin Relief Efforts

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Japan Apr 19, 2011

According to statistics from Church Headquarters, a grand total of 3,053 Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) members took part in hinokishin efforts in the month since the March 11 Tohoku Earthquake.

4/11/2011 Disaster Relief Update

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Japan Apr 11, 2011

Picking up some updated info from the latest issue of Tenri jiho (4/10/2011) and other sources: On March 23, Tenrikyo Disaster Relief Headquarters shifted their base of operations in Iwate Prefecture from Iwai Bunkyokai, which is located inland, to Senmayacho-Minami Center in Ichinoseki City in order to be closer to the coast. Toyama Diocese Disaster […]

A Summary of Disaster Relief Hinokishin Efforts in Iwate

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Japan Apr 8, 2011

Rev. Shoji Otani, chief officer of Iwate Diocese Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) and head minister of Kamaishi-ko Bunkyokai, sprang into action and cooperated with local government after the earthquake. On March 12, the day after the quake, Rev. Otani surveyed the immense tsunami damage in Kamaishi City where he lived and went to Kamaishi […]

New Year’s Greetings from the Shinbashira

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Tenrikyo Links Jan 17, 2011

Annual photo and words from the Shinbashira to the Tenrikyo Followers.