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Tenrikyo International Website

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Tenrikyo Links Dec 13, 2010

The Tenrikyo International Website has, once again, been updated with a new interface. The bloated language bar is now at the bottom of the page and they have included an over-sized rotating banner at the top of the front page. It\’s so dominant that it seems to be the banner of the entire site.

Wikipedia article on the Oyasato Yakata

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Tenrikyo Links Dec 6, 2010

Avery Morrow sent me an article on the Oyasato Yakata which he created on Wikipedia. This article is quite extensive; it even has the dates in which describes when each part of the Yakata was made and each of their purposes.

Nara Marathon – Tenri City route on UStream

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Tenrikyo Links Dec 6, 2010

I just found that there have been some videos posted by tenrikyo-doyusha01.  You can check out this video, shown above, here.