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Why are TRW pages not mirrored on Wikipedia?

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Events Aug 15, 2016

During Yuki Takeuchi’s presentation on “Sharing Pathways in Learning” (aka SPIL-ing) at the Tenri Forum 2016, he took questions from the audience and one of the questions that came up was “Why are the Tenrikyo Resource Wiki pages not mirrored on Wikipedia?” He allowed me to answer the question over the microphone and given that […]

Acknowledged at the Tenri Forum 2016

Events Jul 17, 2016

The Tenrikyo Resource has finally been acknowledged by the Tenrikyo English-speaking community in having it mentioned and praised in the Tenri Forum 2016 by multiple speakers. Special thanks to Yukihito Takeuchi and Yoshi Hal Adachi for making TR the focal point of their presentation on “Sharing Pathways in Learning” (aka SPIL-ing). I hope that we can […]

Oyasama 130th Anniversary Song Scores & Music

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Tenrikyo Church Headquarters Nov 6, 2013

The Tenrikyo Europe Center has released the piano scores and lyrics to for the new Oyasama 130th Anniversary song. As we come to a close to the end of the first year of the 3-years, one thousand days, there is still much more time to go before the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama. Hopefully, this song […]

Rev. Teruo Takemoto Funeral Service

Events Jul 5, 2013

Rev. Teruo Takemoto, former head minister of Stockton Church and head of the Missionary House at America Dendocho, passed away for rebirth. Transfer of Spirit Service was held at Fukui Mortuary on July 3 (Wed) from 1:30 pm Funeral Service will be at Dendocho on July 5 (Fri) from 7:30 pm I would like to […]

Tenrikyo Colombia Center featured on a Colombian TV show

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Tenrikyo Links May 13, 2013

A Colombian university youth TV program, Tiempo Real de Verdad, recently featured Luis Enrique Duque at the Tenrikyo Colombia Center (in Cali) in a Youtube video. I have heard that Luis Enrique was a Tenrikyo Language Institute graduate and in this show, he explains that he is teaching Japanese at the Colombia Center. Click on the link for the video and a translation!

Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day 2013

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Tenrikyo Church Headquarters May 6, 2013

On April 29, Tenrikyo Hinokishin Day was held throughout Japan and across the globe under the slogan “Season of Salvation. Now let’s do hinokishin!”

The day was blessed with fine weather as Church Headquarters staff, students of Tenrikyo schools and Shuyoka participated. Roughly 4,000 participants in Oyasato split into 52 areas throughout Tenri city to engage in hinokishin activities such as weeding and cleaning.

Wear Red on Oyasama’s Birthday!

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User Participation Apr 12, 2013

Hey everybody! It\’s that time of year again! Oyasama\’s birthday (April 18) is fast approaching, so let\’s celebrate the occasion by wearing red on her birthday.

Please participate by posting a photo of you wearing red in the comments via Facebook (Fb group).

Although some of you who have a Proof Amulet are essentially wearing red already, we hope you will participate by wearing red out in the open, just like Oyasama did. Wear a red shirt, a red tie, red socks, red hat… it\’s up to you!

Three Years, One Thousand Days…

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Events Jan 27, 2013

So it has begun, our trek for our spiritual journey towards the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama has begun! Are you ready?! It\’s January 26, the day when Oyasama hid her physical presence, so three years from today, is her 130th Anniversary! Ten years ago, I hardly thought about the 120th Anniversary. This day came and went like any other day. This time I want it to be different; I don\’t want to let this go by and I really feel like a lot of people will have some regret that they didn\’t put in the effort when they could have.

I hope within the period of \”three years, one thousand days\” I will accomplish something and maybe with this reminder, I hope you will too.

TR Visited by 112 Countries – Year In Review 2012

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Tenrikyo Links Jan 17, 2013

The Tenrikyo Resource has now completed 2 full years of sharing and informing to Tenrikyo followers online. Now that we have made 2 years, I was able to compare with the first year and show more data. We were able to find lots of information that can help us understand what kind of posts were popular and what we can build on for this year!

5 Reasons to Build a Tenrikyo Website

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Inspirational Jan 7, 2013

Now that we are well into the information age, having a website for any kind of entity is almost essential in order to conform with the modern society. In the case for Tenrikyo in general, I see that building websites for individuals or churches is a relatively new idea, but rapidly becoming a rather necessary one depending on church size, services provided, method of missionary work, etc. That said, I came up with a list of 5 reasons that may help convince interested Tenrikyo followers, churches, or other church entities to ride the wave of the digital age or even invest more into it.

If your church is small, you don\’t need a full-blown website, there are other solutions that can suit your needs, which I may describe in a later article. This article is mainly for churches or people that engage in studying about the faith of Tenrikyo.