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The Yutatsu – Wiki Links

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Events, Publications Dec 7, 2012

After some thought, I probably won\’t make the \”Weekly Wiki\” a weekly feature since we don\’t get a lot of articles in very frequently and we might end up with multiple weekly wiki\’s in a row, which could get redundant. At the TR Tower, we aim for quality over quantity, but at the moment, we could probably use more articles. If you are interested in contributing, please don\’t hesitate to contact us.

Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 Video on Youtube

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Programs, Tenrikyo Links Dec 5, 2012

The Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 Youtube video (Japanese) was just published on November 29th, a few days ago. This video features a brief overview of the Convention and its history and featured unique contributors of the convention such as, Rev. Melvin Iwata, Kelly Turner, Kyle Kikuchi, and Kyle Kawasaki.

Prior to the 2011 Convention in Hawaii, there was a Young Men\’s Association Convention in 1974, 37 years ago at which had 1,200 participants. Rev. Iwata, an adviser for the Convention committee and a participant in the 1974 event, had explained that the 2011 Convention was the first time this kind of even was done completely in English and that the preparation and planning were put heavily on the shoulders on the people of Hawaii and collaborated with staff in US Mainland and Japan.

What is Tenrikyo? – Wiki Links

Tenrikyo Links Oct 12, 2012

Have you ever been asked, \”What is Tenrikyo?\” For any follower, I\’m sure it comes up a lot because Tenrikyo is not a very well known religion. I\’m also sure that the next follow up question is \”Is it Shinto or Buddhist?\” and then you would have to stop and really think about it. This page will probably come in handy to share with your friends or acquaintances that will ask this inevitable question when they see your house shrine or your wearing a happi.

A Day at Harunohi Church – What does a Tenrikyo Church look like?

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User Participation Jun 30, 2012

I recently stumbled upon a video titled, ハルノヒの一日 (天理教はるのひ分教会) A day at HARUNOHI (also on DailyMotion), which depicts the daily activities of Harunohi Church. Not all churches run the same, nor are always filled with followers like this one, but I think this shows what a traditional Tenrikyo church should be like, where followers come in and out through out the entire day tending to the needs of the church and take part and the morning and evening services, cleaning of the shinden (santuary), learning & practicing the teachings, and administering the Sazuke.

Igreja Central – Sao Paulo, Brazil – What Does a Tenrikyo Church Look Like?

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User Participation Jun 12, 2012

I apologize for not doing an immediate follow up to the \”What does a Tenrikyo Church look like around the world?\” article posted a few months ago. I was not able to because I did not get any responses to the article until I asked a friend if she could help me out. So I decided to start a series featuring one church at a time.

Tenrikyo is “the most generous donor by far” for disaster relief in Tohoku (updated)

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Japan, Tenrikyo Links May 8, 2012

The Japan Times Online on May 6 posted a summary of recent articles from weekly newsletters, which included one on Japanese religious organizations’ Tohoku disaster relief efforts. From the online summary: The most generous donor by far, which mustered some 20,000 volunteers over 130 days — approaching the Self-Defense Forces in equipment and speed — […]

Wear Red on Oyasama’s Birthday (April 18)!

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Events, User Participation Apr 14, 2012

Christians have Christmas, the Jewish have Hanukkah, what do we have? The distinctly important Tenrikyo events held every year are: the New Year\’s Service, Spring Grand Service, Anniversary of Oyasama, Children\’s Pilgrimage to Jiba, and the Autumn Grand Service. And of the five, I would say that Oyasama\’s Anniversary is regarded as the most important given that on every 10th year, Tenrikyo followers gear up and put in extra effort to have followers return to Jiba from a few years prior.

Our first year in review

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Tenrikyo Links Jan 4, 2012

Happy New Year! Wow, what a year it has been! I still remember when I was tinkering with the website around this time last year! Right now, the Tenrikyo Resource (TR) has been up for a little over a year. Here\’s a little history:

What does a Tenrikyo Church look like around the world?

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User Participation Nov 21, 2011

As a Tenrikyo follower from Hawaii, I am not sure how each structure around the world where the daily and monthly services are performed looks like. That\’s because I don\’t even know what every church in Hawaii looks like.

I also wonder what kind of structure comes to mind when people hear the name \”Tenrikyo.\” I can only imagine most non-followers may be even more confused than me when it comes what the average Tenrikyo church is supposed to look like.


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Uncategorized Oct 19, 2011