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Palette: Painting a Brighter Future by Michie Takeuchi

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Programs Oct 24, 2012

‘Creating a community’—That’s our goal. In fact doesn’t that go for any continent, any country and any region around the world? The name of such a community in Tenrikyo is called the Joyous life.

But to think big, we must start small. To think globally, we must first start at home.

We hope that in the future, the name of such a community in Europe will be ‘Palette’.

In my opinion, the mission in Europe is always faced with one main barrier—language. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many languages are spoken in Europe, but in the EU there are 23 official languages recognised. Currently, Tenrikyo has followers in The UK, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Belgium. That’s already 7 major languages in just 8 countries. You can probably see why this could be a problem.

However I believe that Europe’s weakness is also its strength. Being made up of such a variety of countries means Europe is a patchwork of different cultures, walks of life, outlooks on life, and most importantly different ideas. It is the mixing of such ingredients that can lead to innovation.

But first, you need a platform for it to all take place.

Enter …‘Palette’!!

What is Tenrikyo? – Wiki Links

Tenrikyo Links Oct 12, 2012

Have you ever been asked, \”What is Tenrikyo?\” For any follower, I\’m sure it comes up a lot because Tenrikyo is not a very well known religion. I\’m also sure that the next follow up question is \”Is it Shinto or Buddhist?\” and then you would have to stop and really think about it. This page will probably come in handy to share with your friends or acquaintances that will ask this inevitable question when they see your house shrine or your wearing a happi.

ssewankambo Robert – 2012-10-04 00:36:13

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Uncategorized Oct 4, 2012

lam ssewankambo Robert ,from uganda ,kindly l wanna join you please do send me all the requirements needed.l will be happy to read from you soon yours Robert

Introduction to Yoki Daiko’s “Joyous Drumming” by Keiji Uesugi

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Programs Oct 1, 2012

Hi, everyone! My name is Keiji Uesugi, and I am the director of the taiko group Yoki Daiko, which is based at the Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of North America in Los Angeles, California (Dendocho). Yoki Daiko is a community music group that practices and performs traditional Japanese taiko along with contemporary interpretations of this dynamic […]