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What is Tenrikyo? – Wiki Links


I would like to begin a new series “Weekly Wiki” that will feature pages from the Tenrikyo Resource Wiki (TRW) every week. The reason why TRW was made was to provide us and, more importantly, other Tenrikyo followers with a reliable, accurate, and accessible reference to all things Tenrikyo, but it doesn’t get as many hits as our blog. TRW’s database has grown to 363 pages (and growing) already, which is no small feat by two editors in less than 2 years! (mostly done by one though, haha)

Without further adieu, let’s get started with the article!


Have you ever been asked, “What is Tenrikyo?” For any follower, I’m sure it comes up a lot because Tenrikyo is not a very well known religion. I’m also sure that the next follow up question is “Is it Shinto or Buddhist?” and then you would have to stop and really think about it. This page will probably come in handy to share with your friends or acquaintances that will ask this inevitable question when they see your house shrine or your happi.

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