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TR Visited by 112 Countries – Year In Review 2012

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The Tenrikyo Resource has now completed 2 full years of sharing information to Tenrikyo followers online. Now that we have made 2 years, I was able to compare with the first year and show more data. We were able to find lots of information that can help us understand what kind of posts were popular and what we can build on for this year!

A lot of things happened in my life this year, so I couldn’t really focus on the blog as much as I wanted to, so there were significantly less articles than last year. However, we were getting a lot of attention to our Wiki, which has been getting a lot of hits through Google and Roy has been making significant contributions adding dozens of Tenrikyo-related articles.

Top Blog Posts of 2012

# Title 2012 2011
1 What Does a Tenrikyo Church Look Like Around the World? 147 89
2 Tenrikyo is the Most Generous Donor By Far for Disaster Relief in Tohoku 135
3 Tenri Police Increase Enforcement of Bicycle Riding Regulations 134
4 Igreja Central Sao Paulo, Brazil – What Does a Tenrikyo Church Look Like? 124
5 The Importance of the Service by Rev. Colin Saito 109
6 Singable Danceable Mikagura-uta by Rev. Marlon Okazaki 103
7 Clearing Misconceptions on Tenrikyo Found at FindTheData.org 100
8 Reviewing the Sazuke: The Approach by Rev. Owen Nakao 97
9 Wear Red on Oyasama’ Birthday, April 18 88
10 Palette: Painting a Brighter Future by Michie Takeuchi 82

“What Does a Tenrikyo Church Look Like Around the World?” was a big hit, even though it was an article written last year. Initially, I was hoping to feature photos from many churches at once, but nobody responded, so I decided to seek articles and photos directly from individuals. I was only able to make one such article and it was met with success. Hopefully, I can get more this year. Please send me an email if you are interested!

With the “three years, one thousand days” period heading to the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama starting this month, I would like have articles that help people grow spiritually for the Anniversary. If you have any ideas, please let us know!

Top Wiki Pages of 2012

# Title Difference 2012 2011
1 Tenrikyo +534.65% 644 101
2 Mikagura-uta +978.95% 417 38
3 Miki Nakayama +610.26% 278 39
4 Ofudesaki +142.98% 277 114
5 Churches Online +103.53% 173 85
6 Service +359.46% 170 37
7 The Life of Oyasama +485.71% 164 28
8 Sazuke +196.15% 154 52
9 Tenri Forum 2006 +106.15% 134 66
10 Tenri-O-no-Mikoto +306.06% 128 33

Trailing Pages: Hinokishin, Joyous Life, Scriptures, Kanrodai, Jiba

The majority of the visits to the Tenrikyo Resource were to the wiki (as opposed to the blog) via Google search and maybe other search engines. Amazingly, these pages had, at least doubled and most significantly, the Mikagura-uta page was was visited over 10 times more than last year!

I can only speculate that people are becoming more and more aware of Tenrikyo’s presence on the Internet and have started searching for other key Tenrikyo terms.

Most of the basic terms that were obviously important are found on this list, so the ones that stand out are “Churches Online” and “Tenri Forum 2006,” which are both surprises. I assume people use it as a goto link for a church’s link or people are really curious to see if what churches have websites. Hmm… maybe this another good reason to add to my article, “5 Reasons to Build a Tenrikyo Website.”

As for the “Tenri Forum 2006” page, I suspect that this reflects an anticipation for a possible Tenri Forum 2016 and/or that people are looking for any information they can from this unprecedented event.

Top Countries Visited By of 2012

# Country Difference 2012 2011
1 United States +0.16% 3,185 3,180
2 Japan -1.10% 1,613 1,631
3 Brazil +353.33% 612 135
4 Canada +103.57% 399 196
5 United Kingdom +257.89% 204 57
6 Australia +147.14% 173 70
7 France +195.65% 136 46
8 Philippines +258.33% 129 36
9 Colombia +88.00% 94 50
10 Singapore +32.31% 86 65

Trailing Countries: Italy, India, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan
Total Countries: 112

There is not a lot of change from our staple audiences, US and Japan, so we have likely peaked and plateaued after our first year. However, there is significant progress in the area of gaining an audience from other countries like Brazil, which appears to be huge pot of potential Tenrikyo followers visiting TR. Hopefully, we will continue to see growth in other countries since I’m sure there are more people out there that we have not yet reached.

Another bright note is the increase in the number of countries that we are getting visits from. I just hope we see them come back and increase visitors from those countries.

Top Traffic Referrals of 2012

# Website Difference 2012 2011
1 facebook.com -57.80% 641 1,519
2 m.facebook.com +26.23% 154 122
3 google.com (Google+)  -7.55% 147 159
4 en.wikipedia.org 89 0
5 tenrikyology.com +222.22% 87 27

This year, we had significantly less blog posts than last year, so we really lost out on the potential visits from Facebook. We’re going to try to make it a point to increase the quantity of our posts while maintaining their quality.

Top Sources of Search Traffic of 2012

# Website Difference 2012 2011
1 google.com 111.50% 5,114 2,418

Apparently, Google Analytics doesn’t track the number visits from other search engines, so this was a good wake up call and put more attention to other search engines for more potential traffic. Though we have more than doubled in search traffic, which is a good sign in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), meaning that our website has likely went up in rank on the Google search engine. As far as I can see in Hawaii, TR is ranked 3rd! Search “tenrikyo” to see what you get.


Stats Difference 2012 2011
Total Visits: +32.53% 8,009 6,043
Total Unique Visitors: +79.61% 5,611 3,124
Total Page Views: +33.52% 17,707 13,262
% New Visits: +33.72% 69.06% 51.65%
Countries visited by: +23.21% 112 86

We increased our total visits and page views by over 30% compared to last year. But more importantly, the nearly 80% increase in unique visitors shows that many new visitors are discovering TR. This is good to see, but if we want to keep this up, we need to continue forward with more content!

Goals for 2013

  •  Publish 4 blog posts a month.
  • Launch a Portuguese-language blog and wiki (more like “Brazilian blog and wiki,” but we’ll see how this goes)

I have another project I’d like to launch, but I’m not sure if I can handle it since I’m still adjusting to a lot of new things that have been happening in my life this year, so I need to get that under control.

However, we are now in the “three years, one thousand days” period heading to the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama and we should really take it up a notch, so if you are interested in contributing; whether it would be updating the wiki, sending us an idea or suggestion, or writing blog posts, please send us a message!

With the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama approaching, we would like to focus on inspiring others to grow spiritually by focusing others’ efforts on nurturing potential Yoboku and visiting Jiba in the year of the Anniversary through inspirational blog posts.

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