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Oyasama’s 221st Birthday celebrated


On April 18, the Oyasama Birth Celebration Service was held at Tenrikyo Church Headquarters with Shinbashira Successor Daisuke Nakayama as chief officiant. It was a beautiful day as followers from across the country and overseas returned to celebrate Oyasama’s 221st birthday.

Following the reading of the service prayer, the Kagura Service and Teodori (Dance with Hand Movements) were conducted as worshipers joyously sang in unison to the Mikagura-uta..

Following the sanctuary speech (sermon), Daisuke Nakayama went to the Foundress’ Sanctuary to deliver a service prayer and offer congratulations to Oyasama on her birthday.

Afterward, the Joyous Chorus was conducted and the Inner Courtyard was filled with song sung by children of the path.


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