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Oyasama Birth Celebration Service 2013 video

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Joyous Chorus (Image source: http://www.tenrikyo.or.jp/jpn/?p=6874)

Apologies for the delay in this translation. Hopefully, we will be able to put up more Doyusha video narration translations on a regular basis soon.

Oyasama Birth Celebration video
On April 18, the Oyasama Birth Celebration Service honoring the birthday of Tenrikyo Founder Miki Nakayama was held in the Main Sanctuary of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters with Shinbashira Zenji Nakayama presiding as chief officiant. Roughly 670,000 followers from Japan and overseas attended the Service.

The Service celebrated Oyasama’s 215th birthday. After the reading of the saibun or service prayer, the Kagura Service and Teodori were performed. Followers poured their hearts into singing the Mikagura-uta.

The Service was then followed by the Joyous Chorus in the Inner Courtyard. Songs celebrating Oyasama’s birthday were sung and performed, filling the Sanctuary precincts with a festive atmosphere.

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