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Wear Red on Oyasama’s Birthday!

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User Participation Apr 12, 2013

Hey everybody! It\’s that time of year again! Oyasama\’s birthday (April 18) is fast approaching, so let\’s celebrate the occasion by wearing red on her birthday.

Please participate by posting a photo of you wearing red in the comments via Facebook (Fb group).

Although some of you who have a Proof Amulet are essentially wearing red already, we hope you will participate by wearing red out in the open, just like Oyasama did. Wear a red shirt, a red tie, red socks, red hat… it\’s up to you!

A Day at Harunohi Church – What does a Tenrikyo Church look like?

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User Participation Jun 30, 2012

I recently stumbled upon a video titled, ハルノヒの一日 (天理教はるのひ分教会) A day at HARUNOHI (also on DailyMotion), which depicts the daily activities of Harunohi Church. Not all churches run the same, nor are always filled with followers like this one, but I think this shows what a traditional Tenrikyo church should be like, where followers come in and out through out the entire day tending to the needs of the church and take part and the morning and evening services, cleaning of the shinden (santuary), learning & practicing the teachings, and administering the Sazuke.

Igreja Central – Sao Paulo, Brazil – What Does a Tenrikyo Church Look Like?

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User Participation Jun 12, 2012

I apologize for not doing an immediate follow up to the \”What does a Tenrikyo Church look like around the world?\” article posted a few months ago. I was not able to because I did not get any responses to the article until I asked a friend if she could help me out. So I decided to start a series featuring one church at a time.

“Identify that Cherry Blossom” Contest

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User Participation May 2, 2012

It’s only May but I already miss the cherry blossoms that bloomed so spectacularly in Tenri just a few weeks ago. I tried to come up with an excuse to post pictures of them even though they are no longer newsworthy anymore. So I came up with this idea of an “Identify that Cherry Blossom” […]

Wear Red on Oyasama’s Birthday (April 18)!

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Events, User Participation Apr 14, 2012

Christians have Christmas, the Jewish have Hanukkah, what do we have? The distinctly important Tenrikyo events held every year are: the New Year\’s Service, Spring Grand Service, Anniversary of Oyasama, Children\’s Pilgrimage to Jiba, and the Autumn Grand Service. And of the five, I would say that Oyasama\’s Anniversary is regarded as the most important given that on every 10th year, Tenrikyo followers gear up and put in extra effort to have followers return to Jiba from a few years prior.

What does a Tenrikyo Church look like around the world?

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User Participation Nov 21, 2011

As a Tenrikyo follower from Hawaii, I am not sure how each structure around the world where the daily and monthly services are performed looks like. That\’s because I don\’t even know what every church in Hawaii looks like.

I also wonder what kind of structure comes to mind when people hear the name \”Tenrikyo.\” I can only imagine most non-followers may be even more confused than me when it comes what the average Tenrikyo church is supposed to look like.