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A Day at Harunohi Church – What does a Tenrikyo Church look like?

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User Participation Jun 30, 2012

I recently stumbled upon a video titled, ハルノヒの一日 (天理教はるのひ分教会) A day at HARUNOHI (also on DailyMotion), which depicts the daily activities of Harunohi Church. Not all churches run the same, nor are always filled with followers like this one, but I think this shows what a traditional Tenrikyo church should be like, where followers come in and out through out the entire day tending to the needs of the church and take part and the morning and evening services, cleaning of the shinden (santuary), learning & practicing the teachings, and administering the Sazuke.

Nara Marathon – Tenri City route on UStream

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Tenrikyo Links Dec 6, 2010

I just found that there have been some videos posted by tenrikyo-doyusha01.  You can check out this video, shown above, here.