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Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011

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Events Nov 27, 2010

Please be aware of the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 (THC).  It is the next biggest thing since the Tenri Forum 2006.  Unfortunately, the website for the forum was taken down, so we are not able to review the previous event’s content (yet).  However, the website for THC is up for your viewing! http://tenrikyohawaiiconvention2011.com In brief, […]

English Speakers Gathering 2010 in Tenri City

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Events Nov 27, 2010

Nov. 26, 2010 – The “English Speaker’s Gathering” was held on evening after the monthly service at the Jiba.  The event was held at the 38th Moya from 4:30pm to 8:00pm.  The event consisted of 4 English-speaking regional “status updates” and a dinner with the repeated encouragement to attend the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 in […]


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Uncategorized Nov 8, 2010

Fill out the form below to send us any of the following: Suggestions or comments on our blog or wiki Tenrikyo-related links or articles We are very interested in hearing new ideas on learning and conveying the teachings to others. If your church has a unique activity that you would like to share with us, […]

The Beginning…

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Uncategorized Nov 7, 2010

So, here it is.. this is the real beginning of The Tenrikyo Resource!  I’m really busy with lots of stuff as it is, but I need to start somewhere.  I’ll try to update as often as possible and see where this goes.  I’ll appreciate any support I can get.