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Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011

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Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2010 Poster

Please be aware of the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 (THC).  It is the next biggest thing since the Tenri Forum 2006.  Unfortunately, the website for the forum was taken down, so we are not able to review the previous event’s content (yet).  However, the website for THC is up for your viewing!


In brief, THC is an event where English-speaking followers from all parts of the world will gather in Hawaii to discuss the current stance of the Tenrikyo religion in our current of times.  The teachings cannot be so easily interpreted directly from the old scriptures because we must so painstakingly balance the teachings with the constant demand for our lives in this modern world.

Please check out the website and register while you can!  I’m working on this website, so please give me some comments or suggestions!


After the Tenri Forum 2006, which I attended, I was totally fired up.  I was ready to move mountains.  However, the forum was actually just an event that was to occur only once every 10 years.  It’s quite a long time and the organizers of the event didn’t realize how this affected the attendants of this event.  The event was planned to start and end on the last day of the forum, when there should have been a follow up.  So, here it is, the follow up 5 years later, but I’m just glad it is happening.

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