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Doyusha Video on THC 2011

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A news video (narration in Japanese only) has been uploaded on the Tenrikyo Japanese website. (Note: The video took some time to load before I was finally able to watch it)

Here is a translation of the narration:

The Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 was held between May 28 and 30 at a hotel in Honolulu. It was attended by 320 English-speaking participants from seven countries.

The event was hosted by Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters in Hawaii and had backup support from the Tenrikyo Overseas Department. The Convention served as a catalyst for English-speaking followers to meet in one location, strengthen their connections to the faith, and explore new frontiers for the world mission.

The Convention was mainly planned by younger followers from Hawaii and elsewhere. The Convention program included a “Study of the Service,” five elective courses, and talks from guest speakers, including one from Rev. Masahiko Iburi.

Participants spent the three days re-evaluating how they implement the faith in daily life and deepening their ties with one another.

A Japanese article related to this news can be read at ハワイコンベンション2011開催(5月28-30日). It includes the following info missing from the video:

In addition to participants from Hawaii, followers from Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Japan, the U.K., and the mainland U.S. attended the event. While most age groups were represented, the majority of participants were in their 30s, followed by 20s and 40s age brackets.

It may be noted that the June 12 Tenri jiho cover story on THC 2011 makes little mention of the first public presentation of the Singable Danceable Mikagura-uta or SDM, which I feel was the major highlight of the Convention. Hopefully, there will be more coverage on the renewed Tenrikyo Online website. I’m also crossing my fingers for all of the content from the Convention to be uploaded on the THC 2011 website.

(By TR Translation Staff)

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