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Tenri Police Increase Enforcement of Bicycle-Riding Regulations

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Japan May 25, 2012

Some information for those of you who may be returning to Jiba soon for the Oyasato Seminar or International Hinokishin Corps: the police in Tenri have cracking down on bad bicycling behavior since May this year to ensure the safety of motorists and pedestrians.

Doyusha Videos: Hinokishin Day, Women’s Association Convention, Disaster Relief Hinokishin

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Japan, Tenrikyo Links Apr 30, 2011

Posting links to three recent Doyusha videos (sorry, videos only in Japanese) Hinokishin Day 2011. The slogan for this year’s Hinokishin Day was “Overflowing with gratitude and radiating with joy: Let’s do hinokishin.” Roughly 4,500 participants in Tenri—including Church Headquarters staff members and students of Shuyoka and Tenri schools—engaged in hinokishin activities at 53 sites […]

“Tiger Mask” Strikes Tenrikyo Orphanage

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Japan Jan 31, 2011

Tenrikyo tends to be largely ignored by the Japanese media, so it was noteworthy to see a Tenrikyo-related facility being mentioned in an article on Asahi.com. It appears that the \”Tiger Mask donation phenomenon\” has even found its way to Tenri Yotokuin Children\’s Home.

Wikipedia article on the Oyasato Yakata

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Tenrikyo Links Dec 6, 2010

Avery Morrow sent me an article on the Oyasato Yakata which he created on Wikipedia. This article is quite extensive; it even has the dates in which describes when each part of the Yakata was made and each of their purposes.

English Speakers Gathering 2010 in Tenri City

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Events Nov 27, 2010

Nov. 26, 2010 – The “English Speaker’s Gathering” was held on evening after the monthly service at the Jiba.  The event was held at the 38th Moya from 4:30pm to 8:00pm.  The event consisted of 4 English-speaking regional “status updates” and a dinner with the repeated encouragement to attend the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 in […]