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Wikipedia article on the Oyasato Yakata

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Tenrikyo Sankokan Yakata

Tenrikyo Information Center as part of the Yakata

Avery Morrow sent me an article on the Oyasato Yakata which he created on Wikipedia.  This article is quite extensive; it even has the dates in which describes when each part of the Yakata was made and each of their purposes.

The oyasato-yakata (おやさとやかた) complex is a collection of buildings in Tenri City, Nara, Japan. that form an incomplete square 872 metres (2,861 ft) on each side surrounding the Divine Residence (Oyasato), a structure sacred to the Japanese new religion Tenrikyo. The task of revitalizing the area around the Residence was informed by both religious prophecy and city planning, and construction began in 1954 on a project that continues today. The oyasato-yakata is a massive organizational undertaking that is understood by Tenrikyo adherents as a spiritual practice,[1] creating a model city that reflects their belief in a Joyous Life.[2] As such a practice it has involved the entire Tenrikyo community, from the volunteers who assist in construction to professors who plan the scope of future wings. Archaeologists have also excavated ancient artifacts beneath its foundations.

Thank you for your contribution to Tenrikyo on the Internet, Avery!

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