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What does a Tenrikyo Church look like around the world?

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Tenrikyo Pearl Church - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

As a Tenrikyo follower from Hawaii, I am not sure how each structure around the world where the daily and monthly services are performed looks like. That’s because I don’t even know what every church in Hawaii looks like.

I also wonder what kind of structure comes to mind when people hear the name “Tenrikyo.” I can only imagine most non-followers may be even more confused than me when it comes what the average Tenrikyo church is supposed to look like.

So I just thought that it would be cool to see what would happen if I asked readers to send me a photo of both your church from the outside and a photo of your shrine altar inside. It would be quite amazing if I could get a photo from every country where Tenrikyo has a presence of some kind.

In order to participate, please send me:

  • A photo of your church from the outside.
  • A photo of the shrine altar(s). Please do not include people in this photo so that viewers can get a clear view of it.
  • The name of the city, state/province, and country your church is located.
    (You may also give any details about your church structure or shrine altar.)

Submissions will be accepted until December 15th. Submit to lewnulldev@gnullmainulll.com.

* Please note that once submitted, you are authorizing TR to post the photos and information online. Please be sure to get permission from your church minister and/or appropriate staff before submitting the photos. Contact us immediately, if you do not want the submitted photos be posted.

Your cooperation is needed! If you have a mission center or know of a friend’s church, please let them know about this project and send me their photos!

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