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“Identify that Cherry Blossom” Contest

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It’s only May but I already miss the cherry blossoms that bloomed so spectacularly in Tenri just a few weeks ago. I tried to come up with an excuse to post pictures of them even though they are no longer newsworthy anymore. So I came up with this idea of an “Identify that Cherry Blossom” Contest.

Correctly identify the location of the cherry blossoms — by multiple choice, to give people who have never even set foot in Tenri a fair shot — in the ten pictures below and you might win a prize! Winners (and there will be three) will receive a copy of the Ofudesaki (English, Japanese, and Romanization) and a “surprise”!

Simply send an e-mail with your name/alias, country/region, and answers to roy@tenrikyology.com. Please put “Cherry Blossom ID Contest” in the subject heading. Your e-mail should look like this:

Subject: Cherry Blossom ID Contest
James / New York, United States
1. a
2. b
3. c
4. a

Winners will be later contacted for snail mail information so we can mail you your prizes.

Submissions will be accepted until May 15 20, 2012.

Good luck to everyone! (Click to see the pictures.)

1. a ) East side of Makamaka Hills

b ) West side of Higashi-suji Road

c ) South side of Main Sanctuary

2. a ) Along Buru River

b ) Along Oyasato River Reservoir

c ) Along Furu River

3.  a ) East of Main Sanctuary

b ) North of Oyasato High School

c ) South of Tondobayashi Ave.

4. a ) Along Minami-oji Road

b ) Along Minami-mojo Road

c ) Along Miracle Mojo Road

5. a ) East side of Cyborg Park

b ) West side of Robot Park

c ) South side of Droid Park

6. a ) Near Tenri Language Institute

b ) Near Tenri Cryogenics Institute

c ) Near Tenri Archeological Research Institute

7. a ) Near Oyasato-yakata East wings

b ) Near Oyasato-yakata South wings

c ) Near Oyasato-yakata North wings

8. a ) South of Tenri Preschool

b ) South of Oyasato High School

c ) South of Tenri Sankokan Museum

9.a ) Behind Oyasato Motors

b ) Behind Mitsu Dormitory

c ) Behind Misty Morning Dormitory

10. a ) In front of Oyasato-yakata West wings

b ) In front of Oyasato-yakata South wings

c ) In front of Oyasato-yakata East wings

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