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Why are TRW pages not mirrored on Wikipedia?

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Events Aug 15, 2016

During Yuki Takeuchi’s presentation on “Sharing Pathways in Learning” (aka SPIL-ing) at the Tenri Forum 2016, he took questions from the audience and one of the questions that came up was “Why are the Tenrikyo Resource Wiki pages not mirrored on Wikipedia?” He allowed me to answer the question over the microphone and given that […]

Acknowledged at the Tenri Forum 2016

Events Jul 17, 2016

The Tenrikyo Resource has finally been acknowledged by the Tenrikyo English-speaking community in having it mentioned and praised in the Tenri Forum 2016 by multiple speakers. Special thanks to Yukihito Takeuchi and Yoshi Hal Adachi for making TR the focal point of their presentation on “Sharing Pathways in Learning” (aka SPIL-ing). I hope that we can […]