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130th Anniversary of Oyasama TSA Pilgrimage to Jiba held

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Events, Tenrikyo Church Headquarters Mar 30, 2016

Again, a hasty translation of the accompanying video: On March 28, high school and college-aged students connected to the faith returned to Jiba to attend the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama Tenrikyo Student Association Pilgrimage to Jiba, which was held in the Inner Courtyard of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters. The slogan of this year’s event was “Yoboku who […]

130th Anniversary of Oyasama held

Tenrikyo Church Headquarters Feb 12, 2016

The 130th Anniversary of Oyasama was held.

Three Years, One Thousand Days…

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Events Jan 27, 2013

So it has begun, our trek for our spiritual journey towards the 130th Anniversary of Oyasama has begun! Are you ready?! It\’s January 26, the day when Oyasama hid her physical presence, so three years from today, is her 130th Anniversary! Ten years ago, I hardly thought about the 120th Anniversary. This day came and went like any other day. This time I want it to be different; I don\’t want to let this go by and I really feel like a lot of people will have some regret that they didn\’t put in the effort when they could have.

I hope within the period of \”three years, one thousand days\” I will accomplish something and maybe with this reminder, I hope you will too.