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Taiwan Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps Dispatched to Tohoku Region

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A news video (in Japanese only) has been posted on the Tenrikyo Japanese website. Here is a translation of the narration:

Between May 30* and June 3, the Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) in Taiwan, which is the only formally organized corps overseas, was dispatched to areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

This marked the first time the Taiwan DRHC was dispatched to participate in disaster relief efforts in Japan since its formation ten years ago. Taiwan DRHC helped clear dirt and debris in Kesennuma City with units from other dioceses.

Further, the Taiwan DRHC also helped cook and serve pork soup in Rikuzentakata City. They also passed out bags of oolong tea they brought from Taiwan.

*Update: The article originally stated that the Taiwan DRHC were dispatched between March 30 and June 3. The correct date is May 30. We deeply apologize for the error.

Further, for an online version of the related June 12 Tenri jiho article, go to:  災救隊 台湾・救災聖労隊 活動リポート(6月8日記)

Here is a quick translation of the Taiwan DRHC squad leader’s farewell greeting:

“Please cheer up and do your best to recover. We will be rooting for you back in Taiwan. Thank you [for this opportunity to help].”

(By TR Translation Staff)

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