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Doyusha Video: TSA Hinokishin Day

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A news video (in Japanese only) about the Tenrikyo Students Association’s Hinokishin Day activity was posted on the Tenrikyo Japanese website more than two weeks ago. Apologies for the delay. Here is a translation of the narration:

On September 19, “Students of the Path Hinokishin Day,” an activity sponsored Tenrikyo Students Association (TSA), was held across Japan with the theme “Let’s Spread Smiles that Overflow with Joy!”

Members of the Kanagawa Diocese TSA assembled in Shimizugaoka Park in Yokohama City to rake leaves. The TSA “Hinokishin Day” began 45 years ago as an activity for students to mainly implement themselves. The activity was held in 109 locations this year.

A related article goes on to mention that a total of 2,176 students participated in the related hinokishin activities and the 109 locations included overseas locations but fails to provide further information.

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