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Participation in Kumamoto “prayer for recovery”

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Followers from Kumamoto Grand Church participate in a “prayer for recovery” event a year after the 2016 Kumamoto quake. Followers made soup and roll sandwiches.

Students Association Pilgrimage to Jiba held

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The Students Association Pilgrimage to Jiba for Tenrikyo 180 was held on March 28 in the Inner Courtyard of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters. Students from across the country flocked to Oyasato, the Parental Home.

The Shinbashira spoke of the importance of learning the teachings and expressed his hope that students will grow up into fine members of the path in the future by repeatedly setting their minds at each development in their lives. This was followed by student representatives sharing their faith experiences and a declaration of resolve. Students pledged to grow up into Yoboku who will carry the faith into the next generation and closed the event with the singing of Kibo no hana (flower of hope). 

High School Graduates Division of Students Training Course held

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The High School Graduates Division of the Students Training Course, sponsored by Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, was held between March 10 and 12. The course, in its third year of existence, assembled about 350 students. Participants deepened friendships with their peers through group work, listening to lectures, and engaging in hinokishin together.

College Division of Students Training Course being held

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The College Division of the Students Training Course, sponsored by Tenrikyo Church Headquarters, began on March 3. The course allows college students across Japan to deepen their bonds of friendship and their faith. In addition to hinokishin activities, service dance practices, and musical instruments practice, students select lectures they would like to attend such as those dedicated to the doctrine, medicine, and the overseas mission. The Students Training Course is scheduled to be held until March 9.

Tenrikyo 180 Spring Grand Service held

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Tenrikyo 180 Spring Grand Service, which commemorates Miki Nakayama’s withdrawal from physical life on lunar 1/26/1887, was conducted on January 26. After the Shinbashira’s reading of the service prayer, the Kagura Service and Teodori was conducted as followers sang along to the Mikagura-uta. Taking the podium to give the sermon, the Shinbashira called for all churches to set an example of the Joyous Life.

Nepal Renrakusho celebrates 50th anniversary

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On November 12, Nepal Renrakusho in Kathmandu welcomed the Shinbashira, his wife Harue, and Successor Designate Daisuke Nakayama for their 50th anniversary service. Since its founding in 1966, Nepal Renrakusho has promoted Japanese language instruction and social welfare activities.

The Shinbashira then gave a celebratory address on the mindset of the Joyous Life and moving forward in a unity of mind and cheerful spiritedness. This was followed by a performance of the service, which was sung by some 250 followers.

Renrakusho Head Yoshiharu Kamimura then expressed his gratitude and asked for more salvation efforts from the congregation.

Rev Keigo Morishita passes away for rebirth


keigo-morishita-yoki-500x469Rev. Keigo Morishita, former head minister of Brotherhood Church and fourth minister of Tenrikyo New York Center, passed away for rebirth on October 30 at 4:53 p.m. He was 93 years old.

Rev. Keigo Morisihta certainly lived a rich life and he will truly be missed.

A memorial service will be held in his honor at Mission Headquarters in Los Angeles on December 3.

Disaster Relief in Tottori Prefecture

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11,000 homes were damaged in the “Central Tottori Prefecture Earthquake” on October 21. On October 23 and 24, the Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps of Tottori Diocese was dispatched to affected areas. They took part in the recovery effort after receiving a request from Kurayoshi Social Welfare Council and responded to residents’ needs through a disaster relief volunteer center. Recovery efforts included manually disassembling brick walls where trucks could not enter. A total of 129 members took part.

Disaster Relief in Iwate Prefecture, continued

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Between October 2 and 9, the Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) were dispatched to Iwaiizumi-cho, Iwate. The area was affected by Typhoon Lionrock. Massive flooding caused 19 deaths and damage to some 700 homes. Upon receiving a request from Iwaiizumi-cho’s Social Welfare Council, staff from DRHC Headquarters, Iwate, Miyagi, Akita, and Aomori dioceses were dispatched in three waves. Members removed mud covered household goods and debris from homes.

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Boys and Girls Association 50th anniversary gathering held


Photo source: http://www.tenrikyo.or.jp/yoboku/news/2016/09/30/23306/

Photo source: http://www.tenrikyo.or.jp/yoboku/news/2016/09/30/23306/

On September 25, a Boys and Girls Association 50th anniversary gathering was held in the East Worship Hall of the Main Sanctuary with the Shinbashira, Mrs. Harue Nakayama and Mr. Daisuke Nakayama in attendance.

In addition to Director-in-Chiefs of Administrative Affairs and Religious Affairs, members of BGA Headquarters, and chapter chairs assembled for a total of 2,172 people. After the performance of the service, the Shinbashira gave an address on the purpose of the BGA, the vertical mission, and the frame of mind of nurturing committee members.