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Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association Observes “Missionary Campaign Week for All Chapters”

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Posting a translation of the narration from a Doyusha video a couple weeks ago (apologies for the delay):

Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association (TYMA) Headquarters designated the week of September 4–11 as the “Missionary Campaign Week for All Chapters.” Dynamic propagation activities were held throughout Japan.

On the first day, September 4, Tamashima Chapter members of the TYMA assembled at Tamashima Grand Church in Kurashiki, Okayama. They engaged in kami-na nagashi (literally, “disseminating God’s name,” which consists of singing the Eight Verses of the Yorozuyo) and gave roadside speeches.

Members sang the Mikagura-uta to the beat of wooden clappers, walking around JR Shin-Kurashiki train station and along the main road in Kurashiki City.

Members of the Tamashima Chapter then stopped in front of the train station to give forceful personal testimonies of joyous faith through their roadside speeches.

A related article in Japanese can be read at: 青年会 全分会布教推進週間(9月4日-11日)

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