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Japan 2011 Earthquake

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Image source: Reuters

I was shocked and saddened like everyone else about the earthquakes and tsunamis that hit northeastern Japan yesterday. Although images from the affected areas are starting to come in, I am sure we won’t know the full extent of the damage until later. Information from Aomori and Iwate is especially hard to come by at the moment.


While Tenri is more than 300 miles from the affected areas, naturally, people here are gravely concerned about how family, friends, and fellow church members are faring during this disaster.

A special prayer service at the Main Sanctuary will be held at noon over the next three days starting today (3/12). I was surprised at the turnout the first day, most of the worship halls appeared to be filled; I also a few mothers with their infants and young children.

All 159 grand churches and 84 directly supervised branch churches have also been requested to do the same.

I have also gotten a hold of a mass mail that churches in the U.S. are also conducting prayer services.

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