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Tenrikyo participates in 30th International Meeting of Prayer for Peace in Assisi


Photo source:  http://www.tenrikyo.or.jp/yoboku/news/2016/09/24/23278/

Rev. Nakata speaking as a panelist at a section meeting on the 19th.

The 2016 International Meeting of Prayer for Peace in Assisi was held between September 18 and 20 with the theme “Thirst for Peace” where representatives of major religions participated. The Tenrikyo contingent consisted of six people, including Director-in-Chief of Administrative Affairs Zensuke Nakata, Tenri University vice president Ikuo Higashibaba, Europe Centre Head Yoshihisa Hasegawa, and Dai Roma Mission Station Head Hideo Yamaguchi. Rev. Nakata served as a panelist for one of the 29 section meetings on September 19 and attended a lunch with Pope Francis on the last day. Tenrikyo delegates then conducted the seated service until Song Four and attended the closing ceremony in which candles were lit as a prayer for world peace.

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