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Children’s Pilgrimage in full swing


Translation of video narration:

Under the new theme, “Gratitude! In joy we are united, to the Home of the Parent,” the 2018 Children’s Pilgrimage to Jiba began on July 26. The Home of the Parent is thronging with returning children. Educational and training activities include corridor wiping hinokishin, lectures, and musical instruments practice. Entertainment activities include Kodomo-yokocho (Children’s avenue) where traditional games can be played, swimming pools, and water pistol battles (Ninja Village).

Further, as measures to prevent heatstroke ice cold tea and salt are made available in various areas. Other measures include mist fans and first aid stations.

The Children’s Pilgrimage help nurture the “three promises” 1) Savor the joy of living; (2) Take good care of things; and (3) Help one another as well as a mind of gratitude and mutual help. The Children’s Pilgrimage is held until August 4.


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