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Relief to Iwate and Miyagi Prefectures

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Iwate Prefectural Office (Image source: http://machi-ga.com/)

News from the Japanese Tenrikyo website:

On March 19, Tenrikyo Church Headquarters delivered monetary donations of 10 million yen each (equivalent to US $123,564.00) to the prefectural governments of Miyagi and Iwate. Honbu-in* Yoshitaro Fukaya went to Miyagi while Honbu-in Zensuke Nakata went to Iwate. They also informed prefectural officials that preparations were being made at Tenrikyo-related facilities in Tenri to welcome and accept disaster evacuees.

On noon the same day, five water trucks left Church Headquarters for disaster zones in Iwate Prefecture.

Twelve members of the Osaka Diocese Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps were in charge of driving the water trucks to Tokyo. Saitama Diocese members of the same corps took over from there.

On the following day, March 20, 50 members of the Saitama Diocese Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps began distributing water in disaster zones within Iwate Prefecture. The unit is being stationed at Iwai Bunkyokai, a branch church in Ichinoseki City, Iwate.

(Translated by TR Translation Staff. To Japanese article: 救援活動 続報 (3月21日記))

*Note: A Honbu-in is an executive official/staff member of Tenrikyo Church Headquarters.

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