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“Singable, Danceable Mikagura-uta” by Rev. Marlon Okazaki

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Events Jul 10, 2012

Rev. Marlon Okazaki of Tenrikyo Southern Pacific Church has kindly given his permission to post an edited version of the presentation he gave at last year\’s Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011. We recently just past the 1-year mark since its occurrence (May 28th – 30th, 2011).

“The Importance of the Service” by Rev. Colin Saito

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Events Feb 14, 2012

Rev. Colin Saito had stopped by the other day and passionately explained his understanding of the Yorozuyo to a few of us and described the true love of Oyasama in teaching us just that. Indeed he was very inspired to spread his words to others. So I asked if he could allow me to put his speech that he did for the Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011 in the “Study of the Service” section. He had kindly allowed me to do so. Just as I remembered at the Convention, I felt like I could feel the importance of the Service through his words. Reading it would probably not do justice, but it would be better than nothing.

His lecture is titled: “The Importance of the Service”

How to pray for the crisis in Japan

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Japan, Tenrikyology Mar 17, 2011

Last week, the Tenrikyo Church Headquarters had announced to perform a three-day prayer service or onegai-zutome, for the recent earthquake that triggered a tsunami and put Japan in crisis. In same suit, other Tenrikyo churches have also announced to perform a three-day prayer service as well. More than ever, Japan could use all they help they can get.

I would like to explain how you can help through the Tenrikyo prayer service (onegai-zutome).