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Tenrikyo Newsletter January and February 2011

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Church Headquarters Main Sanctuary in the month of January 2011.

The Tenrikyo newsletter for the months of January and February 2011 have been published on Tenrikyo Online.

An excerpt from the New Year’s Day Service article:

After offering his New Year’s greetings to God the Parent, the Shinbashira expressed gratitude for the blessings God the Parent provided during the past year: “Though we may have fallen short, we worked hard to carry out the tasks of the season throughout the past year by inquiring into the truth of the teachings as well as keeping in our heart the Divine Model of Oyasama so as to measure up to Your intention. We are truly grateful that Your profound parental heart has guided us by providing us with so many blessings.” He continued: “We Service performers and other Yoboku are determined to settle the truth of heaven firmly in our mind so as to be able to show by example the preciousness of the teachings. We are also resolved to strive for the construction of the Joyous Life World by boosting our efforts to make progress in our spiritual growth.” Toward the end of his prayer, he said, “We humbly ask You to continue to provide us with Your blessings so that the world will be reconstructed into the Joyous Life World, where all people are filled with overflowing, radiant joy.”

January 2011 articles

February 2011 articles

Articles from the Tenrikyo newsletter comes in late to the web, which is why this is released so late. It may also be noted that the newsletter is published on the 26th of each month, meaning the most recent February newsletter was published on February 26.

Also adding a couple of extra articles from Tenrikyo Online that didn’t make the physical newsletters:

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