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Disaster Relief Efforts in Mie Prefecture (updated)

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Typhoon No. 12 (aka Talas), the largest typhoon to hit Japan in over 20 years, brought record rains to the Kii Peninsula.

The Mie Diocese Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) was dispatched to Kiho-cho, Mie Prefecture, between September 9 and 11. A total of 121 members participated in the three days of relief work, which consisted of removing mud and debris that flooded into residences.

On September 6 and 7, Yoshiharu Nagano, Deputy Director of DRHC Headquarters, was dispatched to Mie and Wakayama prefectures. Yuichi Tanaka, Director of DRHC Headquarters, was dispatched to Wakayama Prefecture on September 10.

After Chief Tanaka surveyed Hidakagawa, Kishimoto, and Shingu City, all which suffered much damage, he entered Mie Prefecture. He surveyed the work being done by the Mie Diocese DRHC in the Funada district in Kiho-cho.

After Hidakagawa officials contacted the Wakayama Diocese DRHC for assistance, Diocese Superintendent Kiyoo Hatabayashi surveyed the area on September 11 and decided the diocese corps would be dispatched there between September 19 and 21.

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News source: 続報 台風12号被災地で実動 災救隊三重教区隊(9月14日記)

Update: A video relating to this article has been uploaded.

The narration is similar in content to the article:

The Mie DRHC were dispatched between September 9 and 11 to Kiho-cho, Mie Prefecture—an area affected by Typhoon No. 12.

Typhoon No. 12 struck western Japan on September 3 and 4, causing damage on a scale unseen in more than 20 years. The damage was particularly severe in Kiho-cho, where the Onodani River overflowed, inundating most residences located in the river basin.

The Mie DHRC was mobilized to Funata district, where 80% of residences were flooded. A total of 121 members participated in the recovery effort over three days, removing disaster refuse and clearing mud that flowed into residences.

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