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Disaster Relief Efforts in Mie, Nara, and Wakayama (Updated)

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Latest news from the Tenrikyo Japanese website:

Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) from Mie, Nara, and Wakayama dioceses mobilized units to areas affected by Typhoon No. 12.

The Wakayama Diocese DRHC was dispatched to Hidakagawa-cho between September 19 and 21, an area that suffered widespread damage from overflowing rivers. Corps members used heavy machinery to clear dirt that piled inside irrigation canals.

On September 20, the Nara Diocese DRHC went to Totsukawa Village, which was isolated from the rest of Nara Prefecture due to landslides. Corps members worked to remove mud and dirt from a community bathhouse.

Finally, the Mie DRHC sent mobilized for a second time for three days beginning September 17 to Kumano City and Kiho-cho. They worked to remove furniture from private homes damaged by floods.

Update: Two videos have been uploaded since this article was first posted. Here are the translations of the Japanese narration:

(Totsukawa, Nara)

Between September 20 and 22, the Nara Diocese DRHC was dispatched to Hiratani in Totsukawa Village, an area affected by Typhoon No. 12. Storm damage included successive mudslides in several locations, which caused Totsukawa Village to be isolated from the rest of the prefecture for a period of time.

As Typhoon No. 15 approached, there was concern for further storm damage occurring. The Nara Diocese DRHC mobilized to a community bathhouse that was flooded when the Totsu River overflowed.

The bathhouse serves as the villagers’ place for rest and recreation. DRHC members exerted efforts to assist in the recovery by removing dirt and cleaning mud-covered bathhouse equipment.

Further, on the 22nd, corps members worked clear dirt that had piled to clog a walkway leading to the river.

(Hidakagawa, Wakayama)

Between September 19 and 21, the Wakayama Diocese DRHC was dispatched to Hidakagawa-cho, Wakayama, which had been affected by Typhoon No. 12.

In Hidakagawa-cho, the Hidaka River overflowed and damaged homes, roads, as well as crops.

The Wakayama Diocese DRHC mobilized to agricultural sites that suffered from the flood. Corps members helped clear dirt from a clogged 1.5 km-long irrigation channel. They used nine heavy-duty vehicles to remove dirt on a large scale.

(TR Translation Staff)

News source: 続報 災救隊 台風12号水害地へ駆けつけ(9月21日記)

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