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Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps Dispatched to Kinki and Kyushu Regions

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Flooding in Uji City (Image source: Kyodo via The Japan Times Online)

Record rains struck the central Kinki region on August 13 and 14. Rivers in southern Kyoto Prefecture overflowed, causing mudslides and damage to homes. One person was left dead and two went missing. The Kyoto Diocese Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps (DRHC) was dispatched to Uji City on August 18 and 19. A total of 126 DRHC members cooperated with volunteer center officials and social welfare council members in the relief effort by clearing mud from homes.

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In other DRHC news, record rains also struck the Kyushu region in late June and early July. Flooding and mudslides caused 29 deaths. About 2800 homes were damaged in Nakatsu City (Oita Prefecture) alone. The Oita Diocese DRHC was dispatched to Nakatsu City between July 6–8 and to Hita City on July 11. Their efforts mostly consisted of removing mud and disaster waste. A total of 146 people participated, including irregular volunteers. As of July 18, plans were in place for the Kyushu Bloc of the DRHC to engage in relief efforts in Aso City (Kumamoto Prefecture) for a week. DRHC Director Yuichi Tanaka visited Aso City on July 14 and received a request for assistance from Mayor Yoshioki Sato. DRHC members were assigned to remove fallen trees from prefectural roads. Image source

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