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Disaster relief in Hiroshima

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“Heavy rain in July 2018” that caused extensive damage from June 28 to July 8, mainly in western Japan. As reported, Tenrikyo Disaster Countermeasure Committee dispatched this unit to both Ehime and Okayama prefectures to support Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps.

Prior to this, this unit moved to Hiroshima Prefecture where each branch of the Hiroshima Diocese Corps had continued his initial relief efforts immediately after the occurrence of the disaster. On August 8, the month after the torrential rain, on August 8, each diocese team of Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Saga, and Mie was beginning activities in Hiroshima-shi Minami-ku Hiroshima, Sakamachi etc. as the first unit.

In Hiroshima prefecture, flooding of rivers and landslides occur frequently due to the heavy rain this time. Since the main road in the prefecture was closed, each branch of the Hiroshima diocese team had carried out removal of household goods and tatami mats from the afflicted houses and removal of earth and sand. In addition, house cleaning by high pressure washer, spraying disinfectant solution under the floor, etc.

This unit is exercised taking over such activities. In the evening of the 8th, the first corps ceremony was held at two places, Hiroshima Diocese Headquarters (Hiroshima City) which is the camping site and Onomichi branch church.

The 1st group will be dispatched until August 11th and disaster relief activities will continue to act until the 4th group.


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