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Doyusha Videos: Hinokishin Day, Women’s Association Convention, Disaster Relief Hinokishin

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Posting links to three recent Doyusha videos (sorry, videos only in Japanese)

  • Hinokishin Day 2011. The slogan for this year’s Hinokishin Day was “Overflowing with gratitude and radiating with joy: Let’s do hinokishin.” Roughly 4,500 participants in Tenri—including Church Headquarters staff members and students of Shuyoka and Tenri schools—engaged in hinokishin activities at 53 sites throughout Tenri City.
  • Roughly 50,000 members of the Tenrikyo Women’s Association participated in the 93rd Women’s Association Convention on April 19. The main event was held inside in the worship halls due to rain. Members heard addresses from President Harue Nakayama and her husband Zenji Nakayama, the Shinbashira.
  • The Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps received a request from a volunteer center in Kensennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. Members from four dioceses were dispatched to help with disaster relief efforts on April 18. Corps members helped remove mud and debris from local homes.

*Updated to add fourth video:

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