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Tenri U’s Takamasa Anai Wins 2nd All-Japan Judo Championship

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Takamasa Anai winning the All-Japan Judo Championship (photo from Doyusha)

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Photo by Doyusha

Photo by Doyusha

It was Anai’s ninth appearance and first in two years. He scored an ippon in the second round and an awase-waza osae-komi (hold-down) in the third round.

In the semifinal, Anai faced last year’s semifinalist Ryuta Ishii. Anai advanced to the final with a tai-otoshi 14 seconds into the match.

In the final, Anai faced judo’s upcoming 20-year old sensation Hisayoshi Harasawa. Anai put up a tense offensive and defensive exchange with Harasawa, who was making his first appearance in the All-Japan Judo Championship. Anai won his first championship in four years after his opponent accumulated two shido.

Video by Doyusha:

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