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Celebration ceremony held for Olympic and Paralympic athletes

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Japan Sep 21, 2016

On September 19, a celebration ceremony was held for gold medalist Shohei Ono and bronze medalist Kento Masaki in Dining Hall No. 2. About 900 people were in attendance. The Shinbashira gave his congratulations to both athletes. Both Ono and Masaki received awards from Tenri City and offered words of appreciation.

Shohei Ono captures gold at Rio Olympics

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Japan Aug 12, 2016

Tenri University and Tenri City hosted a “public viewing” to cheer on Shohei Ono, graduate student at Tenri University and Olympian at Rio de Janeiro judo 73 kg weight division. Tenri citizens and university students gathered for the event. The hall erupted in cheers when Ono collected his ippon win for the gold.

Send-off Reception held for Rio-bound Tenri U. alumnus Shohei Ono

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Japan Jun 11, 2016

On June 5, a send-off reception was held for Tenri University alumnus Shohei Ono, who is to battle in the 73 kg weight division in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. About 350 attendees participated, including the Shinbashira. Shohei Ono is garnering quite a lot of attention as he trains for his Olympics appearance. At the […]

Tenri Judoka Shohei Ono punches ticket to Rio de Janeiro Olympics

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Events, Japan Apr 6, 2016

(Simple translation of video narrative) On April 3, “All-Japan Judo Invitational Tournament” was held at Fukuoka International Center. Shohei Ono, an athlete and graduate student at Tenri University, participated. Ono entered the 73-kg weight division. The tournament also determined spots in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Ono easily made his way through the first and second […]

Two Tenri U. Judoka Battle In 81-Kg Division All-Japan Invitational Final

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Japan May 20, 2013

More Tenri judo news from Fukuoka, where Tenri University athletes competed in a tournament that helped select the Japanese team to compete in the Judo World Championship in Rio scheduled to begin in August this year. Video by Doyusha: (Translation of video narration) On May 12 and 13, the 2013 “All-Japan Judo Invitational Tournament” was […]

Tenri U’s Takamasa Anai Wins 2nd All-Japan Judo Championship

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Japan May 10, 2013

Some Tenri Judo related news: It was Anai’s ninth appearance and first in two years. He scored an ippon in the second round and an awase-waza osae-komi (hold-down) in the third round. In the semifinal, Anai faced last year’s semifinalist Ryuta Ishii. Anai advanced to the final with a tai-otoshi 14 seconds into the match. […]

Keigo Morishita Part 1 – “Fools Are desired By God”

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Faith Experience Apr 5, 2011

Keigo Morishita, a true Arakitoryo (pioneer) of the Tenrikyo faith, was interviewed by Seiichiro Nishi (head of publications, Tenrikyo Young Men’s Association) about his life going into his faith in Tenrikyo and his contributions. This long interview article will be divided into 5 parts. This part will describe about his life before becoming a Tenrikyo missionary.