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Send-off Reception held for Rio-bound Tenri U. alumnus Shohei Ono

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On June 5, a send-off reception was held for Tenri University alumnus Shohei Ono, who is to battle in the 73 kg weight division in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. About 350 attendees participated, including the Shinbashira.

Shohei Ono is garnering quite a lot of attention as he trains for his Olympics appearance.

At the reception Coach Kosei Inoue said he expects Ono to display the spirit of Tenri Judo at the Olympics.

The 73 kg weight division competitions will take place on August 8.

Ono: “At the Olympics luck is necessary on top of ability. I hope that you will pray for me as I compete on the other side of the globe on August 8. I humbly ask for your support.”

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