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Disaster Relief Info Via Google Images Search

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Fukuoka DRHC in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture (Image source: Kuromon)

A little over a week ago, I did some searching via Google Images with selected key terms. Although I didn’t necessarily really find what I was searching for, I am presenting here a sample of articles and blogs I had stumbled upon in the process. While all the sites below are in Japanese, I felt they had excellent visual representations of Disaster Relief Hinokishin Corps’ (DRHC) efforts both past and present in addition to photos of damage from the tsunami.

Links to a couple of articles from “Kuromon,” the website of Fukuoka Diocese:

I also came across the blog of the Shikishima Chapter of the Young Men’s Association. The following article is about how members made takoyaki at Shizugawa Elementary School in Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi Prefecture:

A couple more blogs by people who participated in the DRHC:

I also stumbled on a site with photos of DRHC members participating in recovery efforts after the Hanshin Earthquake:

Finally, Ibaraki Prefecture was greatly impacted by the earthquake as well, but since it was mostly spared from the tsunami devastation, news from this part of Japan has been spare at best. Yet the following photo of Ibaraki Diocese Office after the quake from 心のオアシス—茨城の友よりの現況報告 (Spiritual Oasis: A Report from a Friend in Ibaraki) reveals how severe the tremors were:

*Note: This article was updated on May 25th.

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