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Tenrikyo Online opened a new website

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Tenrikyo Online's new website! No more Javascript links!

The Tenrikyo Newsletter Online has just been opened using WordPress. Sources explain that there will be a weekly post and the print newsletter will be released quarterly. So far I see about 45 blog posts, all in English, but all which don’t seem to allow for comments.  It seems that the Tenrikyo organization is still conservative to manage ability for viewers to provide feed back, but it could also mean that they are trying to avoid spam bots, an issue TR is no stranger to.

The old Tenrikyo Online website, but its newest article is March of this year!

I’m very surprised that I have not known about this website when its very first post was made in December of 2009. Even, more weird, the old Tenrikyo Online website is still being updated.  I wonder why they didn’t shut one down and let the new one flourish.

Anyway, TR could use another accessible source of Tenrikyo news!  We’ll be following this for news!

For those who don’t know of the old website, see the photo on the right.



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